This ‘Forever Home’ was designed by Hargrove Designs and is the third project on which TCM Construction Group have partnered with them. This ongoing relationship allows for a collaborative process and also added to the high-quality finishes that were able to be gained on the build.

Prior to construction, the existing single-story cottage required demolition and removal. Once the site was cleared, construction could commence on the two storey, 5 bedroom residence, complete with swimming pool and landscaping.

The building site consisted of sand, which brings many unique challenges. In collaboration with the designers and engineers, TCM Construction Group were able to overcome the difficulties that this site presented, and the property was delivered on-time and on-budget. The building is founded on screw piles, with shoring piles being required along the boundary, in order to support the neighbouring property during construction of the swimming pool. There is also a Sydney Water Sewer Main running across the rear of the property, which was excavated and encased as part of the project.

Small amounts of asbestos containing material were identified in one corner of the excavation and TCM’s team of trained and qualified staff dealt with and remediated the area so that works could continue with minimal delay to the timeline.

Key features of the house include; high ceilings, a stairwell roof window over a steel spine floating staircase which allows light to spill through to the ground floor entry, oak timber floors throughout the living areas and large stacker doors to the internal courtyard which really open up the living room to the outside. The front facade and fence consist of what will ultimately be weathered Blackbutt Timber providing a softened contrast to the striking white render finish of the house.

The whole construction project was completed within just eleven months, largely due to the collaboration between the design and construction teams, and resulting in a highly polished final property.