An Extension Construction to an Original Hunters Hill Property in conjunction with Studio 74 Architects.

Prior to the build, the complete demolition of an existing outdoor entertaining area was required. Once cleared, the build commenced to create a new Dining Room Wing, which comprised of a Solid Sandstone Cavity Wall in conjunction with a Single Span Flat Roof, which bridged the new space.

This project brought unique challenges, as access to the site was difficult. We were faced with the constraints of existing structures, paired with the position of the proposed extension within the block. We often had to think ‘outside of the box’ in order to overcome these difficulties, however a solution was always found, and the beautifully appointed living space was completed as planned.

On warm summer nights, the open nature of the new Dining Area allows for the twin sets of Bi-Fold Doors to be fully opened, allowing the breeze from the upper reaches of Sydney Harbour to flow through. On cooler evenings the Recessed Gas Fireplace, which sits perfectly in the Solid Sandstone Wall, provides comfort and warmth. The creation of a Roof Garden transformed, what would have been a bland Flat Metal Roof, into a lush and inviting part of the scenery.