As part of the Northern Beaches Council’s $3.4 million upgrade to facilities at Lionel Watts Reserve in Belrose, TCM Construction Group was awarded the contract to design and construct a New Amenities Pavilion to augment the original 30-year-old Community Centre.

The various fields at the Reserve are utilised by an increasing number of AFL, Cricket and Soccer Teams, so it was important to provide spacious facilities which are capable of supporting both daily training sessions and an intense roster of weekend sports fixtures. A driving factor was to provide greater amenity facilities to be used by the growing number of female participants in the various sports.

The New Pavilion wedges itself into the site topography, which runs in a relatively steep fashion from street level down to the grounds. This allowed for the shaping of a new pedestrian connection with the street that not only runs down to the new Elevated Viewing Platform but also connects the Northern Footpaths which circle around the playing surface, with the footpaths on Blackbutts Road.

Incorporating fully accessible changing rooms, referee’s rooms and storerooms for the various sporting groups, the New Pavilion is capped by a partially covered, open-air platform which provides a Viewing Deck for spectators. This deck can also be used as a flexible Event and Entertaining Space for sporting clubs and other groups.

Additional works included the upgrading of facilities within the existing Sports and Community Centre, creating a pedestrian link between the two buildings and also accommodating utility and storage spaces for the Council’s facility management activities.

A previously unkempt portion of the site has now been revitalised and is accessible to the whole community. The Pavilion creates a strong relationship with the new all-weather playing fields, both on the ground plane and at the Elevated Viewing Terrace level. As the landscape wraps around the building, informal seating and gathering spaces have been established which provide additional areas for both spectators and casual viewers.